Preparing for the 2023 U-Pick Grape Season

The U-Pick grape season will begin on Friday, August 11th. We will be open each weekend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8 am-5 pm. Our season will end approximately on Sunday, September 17th (unless we sell out prior to that). Picking muscadine grapes is a great family event for all ages. Our muscadines are pesticide-free, healthy, and delicious. We grow several varieties of Muscadine grapes and sell them by the 1-gallon bucket. We also have many varieties of jellies and sweet grape popsicles for sale.

Our 2023 Prices:

Southern Home, Alachua, Black Ison, Supreme, Fry, and Carlos and Noble

½ Gallon Bucket: $9 (approximately 2.75 lb of fruit)

1 Gallon Bucket: $14 (approximately 5.5 lb of fruit)

Discount on gallon buckets after the purchase of 3 gallons, each additional gallon $11

Pre-picked Gallons: $19 per gallon bucket

Pre-picked Quart: $8 per quart container

Winemaker specials for Carlos and Noble varieties for 5-gallon bucket: $40

Homemade grape popsicles: $3.50

Muscadine Jelly: $7.50 (8oz)

Pepper Jelly: $8.50 (8oz) (Datil, Habanero, Jalapeño, and Serrano)

Grape Butter: $8.50 (8oz)

The Lennon Family

Get In Touch

386-804-5519 or 386-985-5159

980 Reynolds Road in DeLeon Springs

Hours of Operation

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, from 8 am – 5 pm (August 11th thru September 17th). To schedule a group tour of 10 or more, or picking outside our normal operating hours, just call us for an appointment. Arrangements can be made for groups or individuals that would like to pick larger volumes of grapes with 24 hours advanced notice.



What to Bring

  • A hat that offers protection for your eyes and ears
  • Your favorite sun block cream or spray
  • Bottled water/soda to keep hydrated (beverages containing alcohol not allowed while picking)
  • Insect spray, mosquitoes are not normally a problem but can be
  • A smile and we’ll do what we can to make the experience enjoyable

So You Know

  • Flip flops and sandals are not appropriate for this activity and not allowed, please wear closed shoes.
  • Children are welcome but must be closely supervised at all times.
  • Pets are allowed if restrained, the visitor is responsible for any damage caused by the pet, to our property or to other visitors and their property.
  • Picking time is relatively short, many visitors like to stay longer to walk around and take photographs.

While You're Here

  • All visitor vehicles are to be parked in the spot provided at the barn.
  • We will transport you the vineyard section that has grapes to best suit your needs and pick you up.
  • Stay on assigned row(s) while picking.
  • Do not pick up grapes off the ground.
  • Use only the pails we provide when picking in the field.
  • Do not attempt to pet the cows, goats or other animals near the vineyard.
  • Smoking of any sort in the vineyard is not permitted.
  • We will have hand wipes available at our bar.
  • Please use the bathroom before visiting, we do not have a public restroom.

About Muscadine Grapes

  • Muscadine grapes are native to the Southeastern United States including Central Florida.
  • There are approximately 8,000 – 10,000 acres of various muscadine grape vines planted in North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.
  • Certain varieties flourish in Florida and are tolerant of high humidity, pests, and diseases. Our grapes are grown using only natural pesticides and fungicides.
  • The Florida total grape growing industry is estimated to be 500 to 800 acres.
  • Most of Florida’s production is sold at a farmers market and u-pick operations.
  • The four main uses of muscadine grapes are (1) jellies and jam, (2) juice, (3) fresh or dried fruit and last but not least (4) wine.
  • Muscadines, especially their skins are high in Ellagic acid, Quercetin, Trans-resveratrol. Studies indicate these antioxidants in humans influence cell to cell signaling, have anti-inflammatory properties and anti-cancer properties.
  • Muscadines have any extra set of chromosomes making it difficult to cross with other grape cultivars.
  • Varieties of muscadines occur both as females and vines that have both male and female flowers. Pollinated female varieties generally produce larger but less fruit.
  • Harvest season starts in mid-August and extends to late October depending on weather conditions.
  • Most varieties of muscadines are some shade of bronze or some shade of dark purple.
  • All varieties referred to as Scuppernongs are Muscadines but not all Muscadines are Scuppernongs.
  • Muscadines freeze well so their unique flavor can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Contact Us

Whether you have questions or would like more information, please feel free to drop us a line!

Directions to the Vineyard Our barn is at 980 Reynolds Road in DeLeon Springs.  Reynolds road runs between Hwy 11 and Hwy 17. We are west of Hwy 11, east of Hwy 17 and closer to Hwy 17 than Hwy 11. Reynolds Road is a paved road albeit a bit curvy near Hwy 11. We have a very visible 3′ x 5′ sign on Reynolds road in front of the barn and will smaller “U-PICK” signs in the area to assist visitors during the picking season during the hours we are open.

From Hwy 17 coming from the North  Turn left on Reynolds road, it is just south of the Wells Fargo Bank building. Proceed east for approximately 1.3 miles. The gate is just east of our sign. We will be close by, if you do not see someone, please ring the bell. (U-PICK SIGNS  will be posted along the way)

From Hwy 17 coming from the South Before getting to DeLeon Springs look for Fairport Avenue. It is located on the south side of a Shell gas station/convenience store just north of the Brass Rail Bar. Take Fairport until it dead ends to Reynolds Road. Turn right on Reynolds Road and go approximately .6 of a mile. The gate is just east of our sign. We will be close by, if you do not see someone, please ring the bell. (U-PICK SIGNS  will be posted along the way)

From Hwy 11 coming from the North or South It is easy to miss Reynolds Road coming from either direction. Look for the U-PICK signs at the intersection of Hwy 11 and Reynolds Road. Turn onto Reynolds and proceed approximately 2.8 miles. U-Pick signs will be posted periodically, look for these to guide you to our barn.

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